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Thinking about getting a Banks Panga boat and have some questions? First read our FAQ, who knows, maybe the answer is already there! 

Do Banks Pangas have storage compartments?  Absolutely! We have tons of storage compartments including insulated coolers and fish boxes. Access to wiring and storage inside the console and bilge are easy and well thought out. Our new consoles even now include two storage access points with an oversized door for full entry inside to access wiring.



Can you really climb into Banks Panga’s bilge compartment?  Yes you can! We pride ourselves on accessibility and have maintained a bilge design on the 23s and 26s which allows very easy access. Even our anchor lockers have great accessibility.

Does Banks Panga have high sided gunnels for rough weather?  Unless otherwise requested on a custom build all of our models are higher sided gunnels which bring you the safety you need without compromising accessibility for fishing.

What engines can I get on a Banks Panga?  We typically install Suzuki and Yamaha engines, but would be willing to consider others as well. All engines come with factory warranties. 


Is our efficiency really double that of others?  Our efficiency really is double in many cases and sometimes even more! Of course it depends what boat you’re comparing but it is just about unbelievable. Our efficiency gives us industry beating ranges while keeping more money in your pocket. Quite simply our fish cost less.


Are Banks Pangas foam filled like Boston Whalers?  Without knowing the exact process Boston Whaler uses we can say that our new 23 and 26 models are entirely foam filled and sealed for safety at sea. 


Can you put twin engines on our Pangas?  Yes, we have intentionally redesigned many of our models engine well and transom just for the purpose of accepting twin engines. 


Do you have an option for a porta potty?  Yes, on certain models we have larger console options which have plenty space for porta potties. 


Do you offer warranties?  Yes, we offer a 5 year hull warranty as well as Suzuki and Yamaha factory engine warranties.


Can Banks Pangas be financed and do you offer financing options?  Yes, Banks Panga’s entire boat, motor and trailer can be financed and we are happy to work with a lender of your choice or to connect you with one. 


Are your T-tops made in the USA?  Yes, we pride ourselves in fabricating the best T-tops in the entire boat market and they are custom built right here in the Carolinas! They are a 100% welded design of oversized 2” piping fastened in 8 locations! We do not use the mass produced cheap bolt together type which are sure to give you problems down the road. 


Can you custom build cobia towers?  Yes, we custom build any type of top including cobia towers, half towers and step up types which can all be rigged with dual steering stations. 


Are Banks Panga hulls made in the USA?  Pangas are without doubt the most popular hull design overseas and that is why we still take advantage of having our hulls made in those markets. The hulls are then fully finished and professionally rigged here in North Carolina and will have all the options you want at the price you need.  We have experience in every panga hull design which is why you should trust us to get you into the right model. 


Where is Banks Panga located?  We are located in Beaufort, North Carolina.


Do you deliver boats to other States?  Yes we deliver all over the country and even out of the country.


Do you offer the cheaper single axle trailers?  We ship boats by trailer all over the USA and Central America, so unless a customer specifically requests it, we typically use the heavier duty double axle aluminum trailers.


Can we customize our Banks Panga how we want?  We build custom pangas and will do our best to give you everything you want.  


Are Banks Pangas self-bailing?  Yes! We have many different models which are self-bailing. It is one thing for a panga to self-bail when sitting in the water empty at the dock while it is raining, but it should also self-bail when it is loaded and in seas too. Our premium Banks Panga models have the correct floor height which will give you a truly self bailing boat that quickly sheds water in all conditions. Many of the Latin hulls should have the floor/stringer heights modified if you want to keep your floors dry in all conditions. Trust us to get you the right design to meet your needs.


Do you install hydraulic jackplates?  Yes we install hydraulic jackplates on all our pangas unless the customer says not to. We see many added performance benefits with jackplate installs and we have this process dialed in to give you the optimum trimming and shallow water capabilities. 


Do Banks Pangas need trim tabs?  No. Most of our models do not need trim tabs, especially our original wider Banks Panga models. Some people do like the trim tabs on the more narrow IM models. 


What are your fuel tank options?  Banks Panga is the absolute leader in fuel tank applications for panga boats and we have literally trained and walked our hull builders through this process. All our fuel tanks are EPA approved, made in the USA, and carefully installed to meet all safety and regulatory requirements. One thing you will notice that is still common among existing panga boats is that they do not offer larger permanently mounted fuel tanks, but we do. Banks Panga as with every other aspect of our boats is leading the way in the panga market regarding fuel tank options, safety, and longevity.


What are your IM model Pangas?  These models come from our Mexican hull manufacturer Imemsa. They are typically a one piece mold, more narrow and bare bones panga. We can customize them with rear seating and bow casting platforms but the prices will then be close to our original Banks Panga models which already have these features built into a two piece mold which is typical of American designs.  


Why does Banks Panga sometimes offer different prices for the same boat and options?  We have a customer discount program for cash buyers purchasing a custom built boat. Inquire for details.


Do Banks Pangas have flush mounted rod holders?  Yes we do! In fact, for some serious heavy hitting fisherman on past custom builds we have put as much as 14 flush mounted rod holders at different angles and all thru bolted with backing plates for those big swimmers. Almost all pangas on the market, especially the Latin ones, are one piece molds so they do not allow for a wide gunnel for installing such things as flush rod holders, gunnel inserted rod racks or storage bins, or even the capability to conveniently walk on top of the gunnel. Banks Panga has solved this problem with our premium models and are happy to offer you these options. 


How much is a deposit to commission a build for a custom Banks Panga?  We have many different options and will work with you to structure the deposit and process to best meet your financial needs. 


Do you offer any discounts or promotions?  Yes we do, please inquire about our current offerings. 


Where can Banks Pangas for sale be found online?  We are listed on many different sales platforms such as Boat Trader and

If it does not have a delta pad is it truly a Panga?  The delta pad is one of the key features and arguably the most important attribute of the panga design. If it doesn’t exist, you have the right to question whether or not you can even call it a panga. This protruding flat area running along the bottom of the hull allows the panga to plane more quickly and greatly increases its efficiency. It also helps to reduce its draft when on a plane and contributes to the boat's extremely soft ride allowing it to skip across the crests of the chop.

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