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Banks Panga Reviews

Discover Banks Panga owner testimonials to learn more about the most versatile panga on the market today:


Beaufort, North Carolina

We are in our 3rd spring with the Banks Panga 22 and, with well over 200 hours on her, we are really pleased. For the water around Beaufort and The Cape Lookout Seashore the hull design is wonderful. I can fish Middle Marsh or Haystacks with the shallow draft and the jack plate and then roll out through the inlet and run out to the Cape. If it blows a bit, the boat handles it better than my larger, heavier V-Hull boat and is much lighter and efficient. Every experienced passenger that I have had aboard has commented on the great ride. And Kevin has been great to deal with to boot. We are looking forward to another great season enjoying the boat.

Custom made panga boat 22 ft by Banks Panga for Billy from North Carolina


New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The Banks Panga 26 is simply the best boat that I’ve ever had. In full disclosure, I’m biased towards Panga boats after surfing and fishing from them all over the world for much of my adult life. I’ve been on them in 15-foot seas, launched them through large surf, driven them up onto the beach at speed, drug them with oxen to above the high tide line, and had some of the best times of my life on these legendary craft. Most of these adventures took place on very basic Pangas with low horsepower and utility in mind - but their sea worthiness and overall functional usability cannot be questioned. The Banks Panga 26 is a super-charged version of this craft and keeps the legendary design aspects while adding the details that make it a high-end center console boat. Banks has kept all the critical parts of the hull design such as the high bow and narrow beam but have also modernized the geometry of the hull to emphasize the delta pad and include a slight downward angle in the stern that acts like trim tabs. This advanced stern geometry leads me to the ride of the boat - it is simply soft and dry, there is never any banging – it just flows over wakes, swell, and chop giving the passengers a smooth ride. On top of that, you can push it around in 6 inches of water… My experience building my Banks 26 was superb. I stopped in on the owner, Kevin, at his shop and got to ride on one of his clients’ boats. We then worked efficiently through my options, many of them custom, and it was just easy and fun. I will use this boat mostly for family and dog hauling but also for SCUBA and Freediving. I went with the Suzuki 250 fly-by-wire due to the weight that I’ll be hauling with 8 divers on board. The 200 HP would have been much better on fuel economy, but I wanted the extra power. Kevin helped me with an epic, massive T-top and custom front shade that gets us out of the sun. As well, special dive ladder(s) and boarding rails/handles give really great access from the water. To top it off, for the sea trial we took her out around Beaufort, NC and got to ride some legendary surf spots – one of the best days ever! The Banks 26 is the perfection of the Panga and working with their team was a great experience. I give a VERY strong recommendation on both the boat and the people! This is the one boat that can do it all…

Customized Banks Panga 26 for Kevin from Florida
Custom made panga boat 26 ft by Banks Panga
Customized Banks Panga 26 for Kevin from Florida
Custom made panga boat 26 ft by Banks Panga
Customized Banks Panga 26 for Kevin from Florida
Custom made panga boat 26 ft by Banks Panga
Customized Banks Panga 26 for Brandon from Belize


Placencia, Stann Creek Belize

I’m very happy to say, I purchased my 26ft. Banks Panga last fall. Our plan was to fully customize the boat for fishing and diving in Belize, Central America, and it worked out beautifully. Kevin and his crew installed a very nice, custom bow casting platform, which included a spacious storage compartment and anchor locker. Also included was the center console, outfitted with their professionally installed controls, Jack Plate Controls and Garmin Plot/Fish Finder Unit. The Helm Seat included a custom Rocket Launcher and a Livewell. In the stern, two Battery Lockers which housed the battery selected switches, Fuel Filter and access to the Livewell Pump. A really nice stern mounted Swim Platform was also provided. Due to height restrictions for our storage constraints Kevin installed a Bimini Top in lieu of his original offer to include a Tee Top. The boat, equipped with a 150hp Suzuki Engine performs beautifully. Very good fuel economy, speed and maneuverability. Also worth mentioning, the boat draws only +/- 12” of water! This combined with the Jack Plate In an area where coral reefs and sandbars are seemingly everywhere, this is a super welcomed feature. Kevin was very helpful with every step of the process. He is a fair business man who very well knows how to custom rig a boat. He supports his product anytime of day.. Actually returned my call while he was on his honeymoon to explain where the Jack Plate Fuse location was! He is by far the best boat outfitter I’ve ever worked with. I would recommend Kevin’s Banks Panga to anyone.


Jacksonville, North Carolina

Kevin Day the owner of Banks Panga in Beaufort N.C. is the most honest boat dealer that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. One of my Black Marlin trips to Cairns Australia one of my friends there asked me to go Barramundi fishing with him when we got back to Cairns from marlin fishing. The water was pretty rough, and I could not believe how smooth and dry ride Gevin's 26 foot Panga was in Australia, so when I saw Kevin Day in Beaufort for the Swansboro Marlin tournament last year, I got in touch with him and purchased the Panga he was in that day. Kevin has bent over backwards helping with many projects on my boat. If your shopping for a boat, I highly recommend you getting in touch with Kevin with (Banks Panga).

Banks Panga 26 for Stephen fron North Carolina


Beaufort, North Carolina

We purchased a 26’ Panga from Kevin Day back in the fall of 2021. First and foremost , working with Kevin in this transaction was a pleasure. Kevin is honest and forthright in his business dealings. His word and a handshake is golden. We have thoroughly enjoyed the Panga. It is a great sea boat. The ride is smooth and comfortable. I would recommend Kevin Day to anyone looking to purchase a Panga.

Custom made Banks Panga 22 for Nisha from Loreto, Mexico


Loreto, Baja

I absolutely love my Panga, completely customized by Banks Panga. This beauty gets the looks from everyone on the water. It runs great and we’re having so much fun with it!!!! Everything I dreamed of in a boat!


Duxbury, Massachusetts

Working with Kevin at Banks Panga was one of the best boat buying experiences I have had, and I have bought at least a dozen boats over the years. We are already talking about my next boat. Thanks Kevin!


Key Largo, Florida

Collected my boat and brought it to my home, and had a play on the waves! Kevin, I had high expectations and you have exceeded them! The boat quality and handling is superb. Thank you. It's already had a few admiring glances. Thanks again!


Fort Myers, Florida

Pleasure to upgrade to 26' from 19'...back bays trim jacks and roll through 12" on a plane... Million places here. Great to anchor with family. These grouper were caught 63 miles from our dock in the Gulf of Mexico....depth 100 feet. We run 28 mph and have incredible gas mileage. We fish 5 comfortably offshore which includes 180 gallon fish cooler 100 gallon personal cooler bait cooler and backup ice... load that in the front of the Panga 26...we put the coolers sideways and walk up to them with ease with a gaff or net. Cheers to you Kevin... we love our boat ❤

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